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The mirror could have broken in front of me and I would have thought, “well damn, that sounds about right.” I had just gotten out of my shower and looked at myself, critiquing everything I had known. The skin, the hair, the nails. Fucking everything. Why was I now in this body?

You’re probably wondering how you got here. If you’ve landed on this webpage - trust me, it is by no accident. You’re here for a reason. You are here for our story. Just buckle up and read on.

When people were getting sick during early 2020, I had just had a baby. It was like the world stopped so that I could stay home and take care of him. But it was miserable. I was stuck in a body I didn’t love, doing something I didn’t know how to do, and wondering if Mother Nature was “hyena laughing” at the joke she created.

I was battling anxiety and depression from postpartum, along with wondering if I would be able to return to my career that I worked so hard for. Come to find out, lots of decisions were made without my knowledge and I would no longer have a steady income.

Getting out of the shower that hot June day is something I will always remember. I was walking around in my living room - saying out loud that something had to change. Immediately, it was like God himself spoke to me and said - “Get your shit together, child. Open a boutique.” Or something to that effect. 

I didn’t want to feel this way anymore. I didn’t want my son to grow up and know how much his mom lacked confidence in this huge ass world. I wanted to be the woman I saw on Pinterest. The woman I dreamed of. The mom I dreamed of being. 

So before I even researched, I created my LLC, got my tax number set up, and worked my ass off on building a brand. I was hesitant to post on Facebook, because I knew that people would say I couldn’t do it. Especially not in a small town where only two red lights existed. 

My plan was to be online for several months until I was able to renovate a small space in my mom’s flower shop. I purchased about $5,000 in inventory to start off. Hoping that would be enough, but knowing I wanted to do more - it was a humble beginning. 


Four months later in November, I opened my first brick and mortar store. I was damn proud of myself, but didn’t know what to expect. I advertised for weeks and prayed about it - hoping that at least one person would show up. All I needed to do was make one woman feel beautiful. 

That day, we did so well. I was SHOCKED. In that moment, I knew that this was my destiny. It was never about the money for me....

It is about making women feel empowered, powerful, and bad ass. Because no one could do that for me after I had my little boy. I wanted to be that voice for women and moms. 



In February 2021, we hosted a Galentine event. After that evening, we drank to a successful party. We got to hang out with women from the same town, towns over, and even a few who were from other states just traveling through. During the shots and cake, I knew I found even more things I was passionate about. Empowering women to empower other women.

You see, without the support of other women, we will never grow and be the powerful bitches that we were put on this Earth to be. 

In this moment, expansion was on my mind. I started looking for spaces to grow and to house our new store. I didn’t know what location to choose because we serve women all over the USA. However, I ultimately decided that it would be best to serve our women in the neighboring town of Cordele - making it easy to still see the familiar faces who helped our business grow. 

In July, we signed our lease. And in August, we opened our new brick and mortar location. The morning of our grand opening, I cried my eyes out thinking of how nerve wrecking it was to move to a completely new town, with a semi-new style, and no one truly understanding me just yet. 

However, I had an amazing team in place to help us rock the hell out of the day. Serving over 100 ladies and gents. I cried again, yall. We beat our goal. We made our name known. 

Now, we are working on building our OWN clothing brand, all the while still offering clothing that is size inclusive (S-3XL), trendy, comfortable, and accessible (mobile app, in store, and website). We are also working towards more events, traveling to shows, and doing pop-ups randomly throughout the state of Georgia. 


We've made lots of mistakes and will continue to make them. But we are here to ~ love, laugh, and live ~ with you guys through TikTok, IG, FB, and our mobile app. We hope that you will see it is beautiful to be a woman. No matter what body you're in - it is beautiful, deserves to be loved, and what it can do is completely bad ass. 

If you are still reading this, please know how much we appreciate your likes, shares, and comments on our posts. Supporting us doesn’t just have to take place in the form of purchasing, although, we know you will love what we have to offer. 

Thanks for a wonderful ride. We can’t wait to continue the course. 

Happy kisses & best wishes, 

XOXO, Mandee




- Mandee majored in Criminal Justice, Sociology, and German in uni. Her Master's degree is in Public Safety Leadership and Negotiations. 

- Mandee competed in pageants from age 6 - 21. 

- All of her previous job history is in the Customer Service field. 

- Her three favorite music artists are Kevin Gates, Morgan Wallen, and Juice WRLD. 

- She loves hot and cold coffee. But her favorite drink is tequila - on the rocks. 

- She absolutely loves to travel and do things outdoors, but shopping is her favorite sport. 

- Thomas is her one and only child. She has 7 dogs. 

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