Coffee Made Me Think About It


Some days, I really stress about the condition my house is in before I go to bed.


Let me set the scene for you.


There are piles of dishes in the sink.

There are hundreds of toys on the floor.

Legos being one of them.

Half empty bottles on the floor.

Formula spills.

Pacifiers that need to be washed.

And don’t even get me started on laundry.

Dirty diapers that need to be taken out.

And the trash too.

The tv being so loud that you can hear cartoon theme songs at the other end of the house.

Dust accumulating faster than the dishes.

Fingerprints on everything.

Dog food spilled.

And the yard....

Then I remember my car.

The poor interior.

And the mail in the box.

The bills.


My mind goes in circles. Creating anxiety and a to do list at every. single. thought. It keeps me up until at least 2 AM.


But in the mornings, I don’t remember it. I wake up to a beautiful, handsome boy. We say good morning and get up to start the day.


I walk into the living room and see the mess from the day before. He doesn’t care. He thinks it’s fun.


I put him down to play, but he just wants me. I see the mess again and tell him we have to pick things up. He doesn’t understand. It’s not something that phases him yet.


So we go get a new nappy. He sees himself in the mirror and just has to grab the glass. “More handprints,” I think to myself.


But those handprints on the mirror won’t be there one day. He will be too much of a big boy to be in mom’s arms. To even take pictures in the mirror. To even want to.


I remember being a teenager. Thinking my parents were uncool. Would he think this about me? Did I break my mom’s heart? How did my dad feel? Ugh. This gets me emotional. They won’t be around forever.


So today, of all days, instead of treating it like a Monday - treat it like the first day towards the rest of your life.


Use the anxiety to create a schedule.

Use the fingerprints to remind you that there is growth in everything.

Use the memories to create new ones.

Use the love in your heart to give to all.


Most importantly though, be present in the moment and know that the only worry your little one has is being with you.


The house will eventually be clean. But you’ll miss when it wasn’t. 


Be blessed.


  • Love this!💖

    Pamela Souter
  • I don’t even have babies of my own yet and reading this made me cry.. you’re such a good mama and Thom and Graham are so lucky to have you ❤️

  • I can definitely relate to this.. taking care of children is a job itself

  • Motherhood is the most stressful yet the best blessing in disguise. I often wonder if I’m doing the right thing… I always feel bad for yelling and sometimes cussing at them but to them I am their safe haven. Your doing a great job♡

  • You’re such an inspiration. Thank you for this!

    Leslie Maxwell

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