FACO Takes Sweet Treats to Wilcox Co. School System

The second day of school is tough, but First Avenue Company made it better! Monday, August 2 was Wilcox County School's second day. Our CEO, Mandee, decided to make the teachers, staff, and bus drivers happier by bringing in 400 donuts for them to devour! Not only did they get to enjoy, but so did the 11th and 12th grade students! 

Mandee graduated from Wilcox County High School in 2013, where she went the majority of her school years. She has always felt indebted to the school system, as it taught her the fundamentals she needed to know to run her very own business. 

This gesture was done for many reasons. No matter how many times teachers and school staff are thanked for the jobs they do, the gratitude expressed is never enough. Further, Wilcox County experienced a devastating loss of a senior student a few days before school started. We cannot imagine how hard it was for the class of 2022. Add all of this along with the virus of the decade and it is a rough start. So, we hope this small treat made the day of those needing a delicious sugar rush!

First Avenue wishes the students and staff a year full of happiness and health! We pray for your safety, your journey, and you! 

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