I’m love.

I’m loud.


I’m outspoken.


I dance and sing when I talk.


I talk a little shit.


I love big.


I trust easily.


I’m empathetic.


I’m all over the place.


I have a million things to do.


I’m very vibrant in my life and the colors I choose.


I love my husband and my friends.


I spend time with who makes me happy.


Sometimes I’m quiet.


And not everyone likes that.


They may not like my hair. It’s crazy colored.


They may not like my words. They are scattered thoughts said aloud mixed with a sprinkle of the f word.


They may not like my stretch marks. I choose to wear cropped tops and high rise pants, even if my FUPA shows.


They may not like my business. A lot of women do.


I’ve realized that I’m not for everyone.


Some people prefer water. Rum. Beer. Punch. Soda. And some remain thirsty all of their lives because nothing ever satisfies them:


You following?


I’m a little tequila mixed with sea salt and lime.


But I’m not just that. I’ve found myself. Maybe I’ve reinvented myself. I’ve broken the mold.


And that’s ok.


I have been working so hard towards self love.


Confidence. Growth. My personal self.


Being better - mentally, physically, emotionally, financially, prayerfully.


I’m working on being happier and more “me” than I ever have before.


Is it a little high? A little manic? A little freeing? Possibly.


But it is more love. It is more light. It is more ME.


I’ve realized that my emotions can only be controlled by me.


The words I use.


The people I surround myself with.


The stress I allow.


The prayers I pray.


The rest I get.


It is not impacted by others.


Or shouldn’t be.


They have no place in my lane.


But it’s all love from me, even if someone has outgrown me or even if the fit was never there... it’s okay.


I may not be the easiest girl to love....


For the people who are there...


The more I fall in love with myself, the more they love me.


The more they support me.


Because they see me being happy. Thriving in life. And in love.


My relationship with my husband and family have not been better than they are now.


And it’s all because I love myself more. I care for myself. I put my best foot forward every single day.


I wish that for everyone.


Even for my exes.


For my old friends.


Even the crappy bosses.


For the people who have done me wrong.


For those who I have done wrong.


I want everyone to love themselves and others.


Forgive people.


Pray for them.


Share blessings.




Know these things. Share them:


You are worthy. And there are no conditions to your worth.


You are supported. And worth celebrations.


You matter. Remind yourself that you are beautifully made.


You do not need to please others. Please yourself.


You are good enough. Good enough as you are. Good enough as who you’re becoming.


You are YOU. Meeting others standards of how you should be is never going to work.


You can rest. You deserve to.


Your job does not define you. You are valuable in so many areas of life.


You can make mistakes. Do not punish yourself.


Be you. You do not have to apologize.


For those of you wanting to be better, I challenge you... if you’re feeling a bit off...


  1. Imagine the person you want to be
  2. Think of what you want your life and habits to look like
  3. Start showing up to meet those expectations
  4. Step by step, day by day, build the person you want to be and be CONSISTENT
  5. Pray for yourself and others and THANK God
  6. Your life will never be the same as it was
  7. Continue manifesting and trusting the divine world around you
  8. Things will begin to fall into place as you control your own destiny


Your reactions control your actions.


You control your world.


And your world spins as long as you’re alive.


Make the best of the trips around the sun.


There’s only so many.



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