My Big Boob Babes

Set the scene. You see this beautiful top or dress in a store and you just HAVE TO GET IT, but you gotta try it on. You’re used to your *girls* popping out in the open air saying, “Hello Mama!” 

There’s been plenty of times I’ve tried something on and felt so discouraged because of the way my boobs looked in the outfit. I’ve even bought a dress from here at First Avenue online. I wanted it so bad to wear for church. Well knowing me - I didn’t try on the dress until that morning as we were rushing to get there. I put on the dress and immediately found that I had a huge gap in the chest area where the buttons clasped. OH NO, right?!? No matter what I did to try to fix the dress I had that gap. 

Oh how we love the “gap,” right ladies? WRONG. I usually end up having to cover myself up double time just to make simple outfits work. In this case, I grabbed a blue jean jacket and went on my merry little way. 

Ever since then, I have been wanting to help women who suffer with this issue. There aren’t many “how to” publications or blogs about working around having more voluptuous chest. And they never mix in women’s confidence with it! 

In the past two months of working at First Avenue, I have encountered many women who are larger chested like me and have learned how to help style them so they feel more confident and comfortable.

Here’s a few ideas on how to love yourself and your chest!

  • Flowy shirts are always a plus. With a flowy shirt, you’re able to conceal the size of your chest without having to get a larger size. In many cases, you’re able to size down!

  • Oversized tops or sizing up: This is what I typically go with because it decreases the size of what my chest actually looks like.

  • Jackets: I love my jackets! They are easy cover ups, especially when I accidentally drop food on my top and it lands on my chest! Haha!

  • Layers: This was something I used to do a lot in high school. I would normally see a regular v-neck shirt that I would love and would wear a cami tank under it. That gives me a little bit of coverage. Cardigans are another smart way to do it as well. 

With all that being said I want to give some insight on the positives of having bigger tatas, 'cause there is always a positive to everything!

  • You can strongly distract men or win the arguments LOL
  • Even a big belly doesn’t look big because the breast sticks out farther.
  • Some dresses are just made to fill out a bigger bust better
  • You can prop a book or your phone up in the bathtub without it getting wet. 

Always remember ladies whether you have big boobs, small boobs, saggy boobs, perky boobs you are all wonderful and beautifully made! On a final note, no matter what your boobs look like your man will always become weak when he sees the twins.

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  • them thangs ain’t twins ,they sistas. just like us 😂😂😂

    chloe wodzinski

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