Not Our Timing

This time last year, I was in a state of confusion on what I should do with my life.

Let me set the scene.

I was a manager in a job that I loved. I had a fantastic team. Even better perks. Benefits. Pay. It was all great.

But I had just given birth a few months prior.

After you have a child, everything changes. They tell you that before birth, but they don’t tell you what changes, how it will change, or how much you will love fiercely and endlessly.

I was nervous as hell about exposing my son to a major threat to his immune system.

I was terrified of what was to come if I decided to leave my job.

I literally had no idea what my plans were “after Covid ended.” Ya know, I thought it would be a few more weeks and be over. Didn’t we all? Boy, were we wrong.

Through all of this though, I prayed to God to give me answers. To give me a sign. Speak to me!!

Coming up in June, it will be a full year that God told me to open a boutique.

I laughed when he said it to me. But I followed. Blindly, of course, but I did as he commanded.

I had no idea what owning my own business would entail. And my fashion knowledge came from pageants and the style I had at the time.

I think back to this moment constantly. It is so amazing to me that this life I have went from corporate America restaurant industry to small town rural business owner overnight.

When I first opened my online store only, I dreamed about the day I would have orders coming in constantly.

It happened.

When I opened our brick and mortar location, I dreamed about the day I would be able to quit my second job and make it my full time venture.

It happened.

Today, I made my car payment on my business card and dime.

It happened.

When I was a kid, my favorite thing to do was dress up. I seriously do this everyday now. I’m so grateful. Even in the moments where I’d love to rip apart clothes hangers and throw my hands up, it’s my DREAM.

It literally is happening yall.

I don’t post this to brag or be boastful. I know that these things could be taken from me in a HEARTBEAT. God gives and takes just as quickly.

But I post this to say....

If you’re hating your job....
If you’re hating what your life has become....
If you hate your circumstances....

Pray about it.

You may not receive an answer quickly.

And the answer you get may not be what you wanted or expected.

But GOD 👏🏻

He knows what we need.

He has a plan.

Whatever you’re going through, everything will work out.

Maybe not today. Or tomorrow. Or even the next day, but it will all be a memory and a fading distant worry soon.

And if you need prayers, please feel free to message me.

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