Self Construction

I read a quote this morning that said:

“When you start taking care of yourself, you start feeling better, looking better, and acting better. It all starts with YOU.” 

Wow. What a statement. 

I can vividly remember having Thomas and feeling like my life would never be the same. 

I would never lose the baby weight. 

I would never feel confident again. 

I would never have “me” back. 

I felt like I lost every bit of myself when I had my chid. 

I could not see the positive for the overwhelming amount of negative I constantly surrounded myself with. 

It was like having on googles that blocked the view of all things great in the world. I was miserable and wanted everyone to feel like I did. Why should anyone get to enjoy life if I couldn’t? 

Not only was I self-destructing, but I had things come up in my life that made me feel even more miserable. 

I left my wonderful job after being there for three years. Because of the virus and my son’s health at the time, it felt impossible to make it happen. 

I felt like I was going to be at rock bottom financially, mentally, and emotionally. 

But sometimes, we have to be at rock bottom to create a new foundation.

One day, I walked through my living room and God stopped me in my tracks. He told me to open my own business. I knew it wouldn’t be easy, but I jumped into it. I immediately got a business license and my federal tax ID and went for it. I didn’t research anything. If God wanted me to do it, he would take me through it. 

He provided for me when I didn’t think I could. He spoke life into me when I felt dead inside. 

Now, there were many times during this journey that I wanted to give up. I didn’t have enough money in my account for bills and had to transfer money from one account to another. Didn’t buy groceries because we only had enough for formula. Bought diapers but couldn’t get laundry detergent. We were financially beat. 

My husband questioned me time after time. I told him I was chasing a dream and building an empire that God wanted me to build. 

Miraculously, we made it happen. 

God had a will for us and we made the way. 

See, I tell this entire story to get to the point of, we have a way to make things positive or negative.

I could have sat and questioned God and told myself that this would not be possible.

I could have wallowed in self pity and doubt. 

I could have sat in the uncomfortableness of my own skin and sins and soaked in negativity. 

But I picked my ass up off the floor and worked for it. 

I stopped talking about how awful I was and put more effort in changing my words to change my entire freaking world! 

I could still be sitting on my couch in my living room hating the world and birds chirping around me. 

But instead, I am building. I am thriving. I am thanking GOD for the things he has blessed me with! 

I am working my ass off on a daily basis to provide for myself, my family, and my community. 

I am no longer allowing myself to be negative. To have a mindset that only creates the issues I think of. 

If you speak positivity in your life and manifest the blessings you want, they will come TO YOU! 

It all starts with you though. 

You must take responsibility. You must work harder than anyone else. You must be smarter. And you MUST love yourself through it. 

Because there are hard days. More hard than easy. 

You have to flirt with success constantly. 

You will put yourself through it and to extreme tests with your mind, but if you want it, you will HAVE it. You will be BLESSED with it. 

And at the end of every day, when you still don’t think you have put in enough work before you lay down to sleep.... be sure to thank God that you have come this far. 

You are passionate. You are wonderful. You are thriving, girl. 

You can do this. You have got this in the bag. 

You are capable of more than you could ever imagine or dream of. 

Your body is wonderful. Your mind is even better. Don’t waste away either by thinking that you not worthy. Because you’re worthier and mightier than the sword. 

You are blessed. 

2021 is your year, babe. 

Chase your dreams and don’t ever, ever stop. 

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