Some days... Moms can relate.

Some days, you just have to delegate and prioritize yours tasks and do the best you can.

Some days, you have to sacrifice what your house looks like for happiness.

Some days, your hair will be knotted from tying it up to chase your child.

Some days, makeup will be nonexistent.

Some days, pants may not be in sight. If they are, they will be stained with milk and baby food.

Some days, your baby needs you more. Those days won’t always last.

The work will always be there, but your baby will one day have hair under his pits, a deep voice, and a girlfriend. He won’t need you to help him nap. To rock him back and forth. To hold him.

At that point, you can work to hide the heartbreak from the days you miss chasing him around with no pants on, a messy living room, and a long to do list. Those will be the memories you wish you could recreate.

Enjoy the little moments. Even when they are stressful. All they have is you.

I do it all for him. ♥️

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