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If the appointment times listed do not work for you, please message us on Facebook or contact Mandee at (229) 313-2768. 

What is BeetTan?

BeetTan sources the finest naturally derived ingredients and materials to create high quality tanning products. BeetTan is a naturally derived company and believes in healthiness and natural beauty - which starts with radiant skin! Also, BeetTan cares very deeply about the planet and keeping it clean and resilient for future generations to enjoy. 

What types of tans do you offer?

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We offer the following tans:

  • Regular Dark Organic Formula: $35 - a beautiful natural tan that mimics your natural tan

  • Anti-Aging with Regular Dark: $40 - a youthful glow with vitamins and minerals

  • Extra Dark with Rapid Organic Formula: $45 - a competition level tan, perfect for those who want to be extra dark

  • Anti-Aging with Extra Dark: $50 - a fabulous glow ready for the beach

What are the ingredients?

Naturally derived DHA (sugar-beet); 
100% vegan (approved by the peta foundation); Made with organic and naturally derived ingredients; Paraben-free, erythrulose free. 

Full list: Aloe barbadensis leaf extract,green tea extract, dha (organic-sugar beets), ethoxydiglycol, cetearyl isononanoate, glyceryl stearate, glycerin, ceteareth-12, cetyl palmitate, cocoa, walnut extract (walnut husk), tocopherol, vitamin e, retinyl palmitate (vitamin a), vitamin c.

Who sprays clients?

Mandee is our in-house spray tanning specialist, using BeetTan for a beautiful, healthy, and natural glow! 

Mandee has been getting spray tans since the age of 7 for pageants and religiously every 1-2 weeks for the past five years. She loves the color, confidence boost, and how clothes look on her after a tan! 

She is a mom, therefore, has seen it all. Please feel comfortable, confident, and safe receiving a spray tan from Mandee. There's absolutely no judgement and it is completely confidential! She promises to make you feel like a queen and respect your tanning wishes. 

Bekah is our back-up spray tan tech and is newly certified in Spray Tanning! She offers an awesome consultation and tan. Her main goal is to make you feel like the hottest chick in the USA! 


Do you take Walk-in tanning requests? 

We take walk-ins during our normal business hours (Tuesday - Friday from 11-5:30). We can schedule tans outside of this time frame with a prior appointment. Mandee has a little boy and must work around daycare schedules. 

Why spray tan?
It boosts confidence, gives a slimmer appearance, and the color is beautiful! 



Before getting tanned: 

  • Exfoliate! It is recommended to do this 12-24 hours prior to your appointment. This will help your dead skin come off, which helps your tan lay more flat and even. 

  • Shaving or waxing - it is best to do this 24 hours before your appointment. If you shave or wax the same day, there is a chance of discoloration as it can remove even more dead skin. 

  • Lotions and deodorant: it is best to not wear any the day of your tan or be sure that it has had at least 2-4 hours to set and dry. 

  • Avoid products with oil, alcohol, and parabens.

At your tanning appointment:

  • Come natural! It is best practice to come with NO deodorant, makeup, moisturizers, or anything else on your body - as it can block the tan from adhering to your skin. However, don't worry if you do have something on your skin. We can provide best practices for spraying and advice for care.

  • Wear loose fitting clothing! Tight clothing and undergarments can rub the tan off or make the tan uneven in places. Grab a baggy pair of shorts and a big t-shirt or a sundress. 
  • You may feel "tacky" after your tan. The aloe is super moisturizing and really is an important ingredient in the spray tan solution but can make you feel like your tan is wet… but it’s not! Just get dressed and go as soon as your session is finished. Turn the A/C on cold in your car on your ride home and it will feel great when you get out! Tight jeans and sports bras are not recommended.

  • Get naked! If you would like an even and all over tan, feel free to show the ta-ta's and your meow meow! We are all ladies and have them, too. I promise - no judgement over this way. If you are not comfortable with that, we recommend a strapless bra and thong underwear. Be sure that whatever you decide to wear - if you are not going to get naked - that you are ok with where the lines lay from the clothing. 

  • Spraying: Our solution and equipment is state of the art. No barrier cream needed and you can get dressed immediately!

After your tanning appointment: 

  • Touching can cause smudging - there is a chance that if you touch your face or other areas of your body during down time or sleep that your tan may have spots when you wake up. Don't worry - a simple shower can fix it.

  • Palms of your hand - try your best to not touch yourself with the palm of your hand - as it can transfer and have discoloration effects. 

  • Sweating - try to rest after a tan, as exercise or activity can make the tan sweat off. Trust me on this - it is not pretty. I cleaned my car out one day after getting a tan and it looked like I cried brown tears all over myself. 

  • Shaving or waxing - this can take your tan off. It is best to wait a few days before doing either. 

  • Going to sleep with your tan - BeetTan should not transfer to your bedsheets, but sometimes can depending on sweating, etc. In the case your tan transfers to your bed sheets, child, or significant other, you can solve this by wearing clothes, placing a towel or different bedsheet down, or simply wipe it off (or wash it). 


  • WAIT! Try to wait least 4-8 hours before showering. The longer you wait, the better the spray tan will set and develop. We recommend waiting 12-24 hours (or overnight) before showering. 

  • Washcloths - These are pretty much an exfoliant. Be sure to lightly wash yourself or avoid using the cloth for the first shower. You can definitely use soap and water on your private areas and underarms, but it is not recommended on any other area. 

  • Soap - Use something for sensitive skin or a foam - without scents, oils, or fragrance. Stay away from products like Dove or Bath & Body. 

  • Pat dry - when drying off, be sure to pat yourself and do not rub - especially not hard, as your tan can come off. 
  • Moisturize!!! The more hydrated your skin, the longer your tan will last. Try to avoid lotions with perfumes or added fragrance, Bath & Body products, and items with mineral oil or sulfates. These will take your tan off in a heartbeat! Baby lotion is a good starter lotion. 

  • Water temperature - the hotter the water and the longer the shower, the less your tan will stick and stay. Try to take a quick shower with cooler water. 

  • Baths or hot tubs - these can take your tan off. Use the water temperature to gauge how long you should sit. 

After Showering: 

  • Remember - moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! If your skin feels dry, it IS dry. This can cause "snake skin" with tanning. 
  • We offer a boosting lotion that is perfect for a healthy glow and skin! The booster can keep your tan lasting up to 14 days! Just apply the booster once you notice areas fading.

  • It is also safe to lightly exfoliate while your tan… this removes uneven fading and the booster will bring that tan back to life and keep it glowing.

  • The skin on the face tends to fade the fastest bc of washing it with skin care products so you will want to apply our self-tanner (plant based/safe for face) to your daily skin care routine to keep that face glowing!
All BeetTan products were made to work together to keep you tan all year long!



What do I do if my tan rubs off or gets wet before I shower?

  • Don’t panic!!!!

  • If you get wet, pat dry (do not rub or wipe) then take a makeup sponge and dab the area that got wet and around. This will help fix splotching.

  • If the spot is still lighter once you have reached development and showered, then, call Mandee for a free touch up or apply a light layer of our booster lotion to the area.

  • If you rub off its ok! Just dab the area with a makeup sponge and let it fully develop. Chances are it will turn out fine.

  • BeetTan is aloe based and the active ingredient will usually still develop evenly even if the color guide moves around some. The color guide will rinse off and you will be left with an even tan.

Need your tan to come off?

  • If you are ready to take your tan off, it is best to sit in a hot tub of water with Epsom salt for about 15-30 minutes. Use a scrub brush, mitt, or wash cloth to evenly take off your tanning solution. This can require several applications of exfoliant. Be patient. 
  • We offer a product called Beet Off! You can use this and your tan will come right off. 

Can you even out my tan lines that I currently have? What If I am peeling?

  • It will camouflage, but it will not fix it completely. We will spray slightly heavier on the lighter areas and lighter on the darker areas.

  • If you are peeling, you may have some discoloration because the skin is coming off of your body and could remove the tan or show light/darker. 

What if I am nursing or pregnant?

  • A doctor knows best: BeetTan solution is plant based and safe. We have sprayed thousands of expecting and nursing clients, but if there's ever any question - then definitely consult your doctor prior to scheduling your spray tan. We can supply you with an ingredient list of the product which will be utilized in the service, this way, your doctor can fully understand the product being applied. 
  • Take into consideration, pregnancy, nursing, and even being on your monthly cycle can cause many hormonal imbalances which may affect the spray tan. Be sure you are aware this could cause spray tan unevenness, light development, or no development. It is best to avoid rapid solutions while pregnant because of this reason, as you may not see optimal results. To avoid, a trial spray may be beneficial especially for events.

A spray tan can last up to 2 weeks with proper care. Using these instructions can help boost the life and longevity of your tan. 

If you have any questions at all, please reach out to Mandee at (229) 313-2768 by call, text, or on our company Facebook page's messenger. 

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