The Hottest Trends at Market

Attending market is one of the best parts of owning a boutique! It is a whirlwind and overwhelming, but every bit wonderful and the end of market is always bittersweet.



It feels like a large casino because you’re taking a gamble on every piece you bring back. You don’t know if it will be a win or a flop! 


Too much money is spent, but a girl likes to have fun. Who is going to stop her? 


Time is occasionally wasted at the wrong vendors. But when you find the right place with the right styles.... it all makes sense.

Boutique owners also get to surround themselves with likeminded business owners. Those who care little to none about mean comments and more about bringing styles home to those who love + support them. It is amazing being around so many beautiful people and seeing how different the styles are in so many areas of the world. 


This market, we were able to have 15 ladies virtually join us to help purchase items for the store. The first day, we posted tons of love it or leave it styles. The feedback from these ladies helped us to gather our thoughts on the new trends and those that have been in style for a while.


As you all know, we are a curve loving store with a focus on moms and their transition from just “mama” to MILF! Kidding - but not really. *Wink*


We do believe that when you purchase from us, you’re not only purchasing a new outfit, but also the confidence to wear it ANYWHERE and everywhere! The items we have are cozy, comfortable, stylish, trendy, and just a tad sexy! 


This time around, the items we purchased are ridiculously cuter than any other season we have purchased for! To add, the quality is phenomenal. These items rank, in our opinion, higher on the totem pole than items at big name luxury stores.


The trends we noticed include:


  • Oversized and flowy - this has been in style for a while. Most moms don’t want something tight around the waist - which we can relate to! We brought home the perfect colors - a mixture of tie dye, basics, and prints - that every woman will love!
  • The 80-90’s are coming back! Sea shell necklaces, shoulder pads, low rise denim, halter and tank tops, ruffles, short shorts, acid wash vintage, monochrome sets, and tennis skirts and skorts!
  • Cow, snake, and leopard print everything! If it can be printed on, then it’s going to have one of those animals on it!
  • Extra large earrings are so in. We found several light weight pieces that we can’t wait to add to our online collections. Feel free to stop in store and check out what we have available!
  • Neutral tones are still in, but thankfully we found several vendors with bright colors for Spring and Summer.
  • Boho dresses and pastel colors are definitely in! We will soon have self tanner available on the website so that even the palest girl can rock those light colors! If you need assistance with tips and tricks on self tanner, please let us know. We will soon do a tutorial with our brand. 
  • Chains - all colors! Check out our chains under the jewelry tab. 
  • Fringe and lots of it. On ANYTHING.
  • Sequins! On pants, jackets, shorts, earrings, key ring bracelets, shoes, bralettes - everywhere!


There were several brands that didn’t carry plus size items. It was difficult for us to find them, but we did get a few that we can’t wait to bring back! We are constantly searching to add more - especially those with more generous arm areas.


These are just some of the things we noticed. We can’t wait for our items to come in. We have at least one shipment a week until May planned. With that being said, we hope that you all will frequent our store to find items you absolutely love and feel confident in!


If you have any questions about styles or input for us, please comment on this blog or email us at!

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