• Not Our Timing

    After you have a child, everything changes. They tell you that before birth, but they don’t tell you what changes, how it will change, or how much you will love fiercely and endlessly.
  • Spray Tan Commandments

    I started getting spray tans around the age of 7 for pageants. As I have gotten older, I get one every week or so just because I love the way I loo...
  • I’m love.

    I’m loud.   I’m outspoken.   I dance and sing when I talk.   I talk a little shit.   I love big.   I trust easily.   I’m empathetic.   I’m ...
  • Self Construction

    I read a quote this morning that said: “When you start taking care of yourself, you start feeling better, looking better, and acting better. It all...
  • The Hottest Trends at Market

    Attending market is one of the best parts of owning a boutique! It is a whirlwind and overwhelming, but every bit wonderful and the end of market...
  • A Mom’s Body

    I remember having Thomas and thinking that this would never get better. I’d never have my body back. My mind, even.


    I was miserable. I cried. My hormones were obviously nuts, but I felt these emotions - rightfully so.

  • Coffee Made Me Think About It

    “My mind goes in circles. Creating anxiety and a to do list at every. single. thought. It keeps me up until at least 2 AM.


    But in the mornings, I don’t remember it. I wake up to a beautiful, handsome boy. We say good morning and get up to start the day.”

  • Some days... Moms can relate.

    Some days, you just have to delegate and prioritize yours tasks and do the best you can. Some days, you have to sacrifice what your house looks lik...
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